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Our lamps replace traditional speakers in an aesthetic and unique way. In common spaces, rooms, restaurants, offices or private homes, our creations enrich the atmosphere with sound and light. 

We can customize our lamps to your needs: colors, finishes, features, playlist, remote management... 
Architects, designers, hotels and businesses - our team is here to discuss your projects.

Architects, Designers

We combine our know-how with your creativity to enrich the spaces you imagine for your projects

Bespoke design and finishes
Bespoke installation
Bespoke features
Exclusive volume discount

In hotel room

A unique way to enrich your customers' experience with music.
Easy Bluetooth connection with a custom QR code
Curated playlists designed for your guests
Bespoke design and volume control
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In living spaces

Lobbies, restaurants, offices, shops
Web and mobile app to control the light and music remotely on all your lamps
Design a curated musical experience
Bespoke features upon request


Success story: The iconic Molitor hotel enhances its rooms with a bespoke edition and gives its guests a singular experience in design and music.
Yellow and Blue lacquered finish and buttons engraved with the Molitor brand
The bespoke Molitor playlist is played in each hotel room
Limited edition, sold at Le Bon Marché and in the hotel
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We rely on a selective network of distributors to showcase our craftmanship and innovative approach

If you are looking for a new addition to your product selection that combines design and technology, get in touch.


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